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Little Love Blanket

Little Love Blanket - Alice

Little Love Blanket - Alice

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Little Love travel blankets are super soft and beautifully created by a mum with your baby in mind.  Each blanket is fully reversible, the fun patterned side is made from 100% super soft cotton and the fleece side is 100% fluffy polyester.  

3 Point Harness

A 3 point harness car seat blanket will fit a car seat with a 3 point harness system i.e. the harness has only 3 points of contact with the car seat.  This blanket can also be used in a pram.

5 Point Harness

A 5 point harness car seat blanket 85cm x 85cm with two velcro strips these blankets will fit into any car seat. Suitable for babies in their first stage car seat.  This blanket will also conveniently fit onto a buggy.

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